Spring Time

Yes Spring is here and it’s time to go forward with being positive, and goodness in your heart. I guess you can say the operative word in springtime, is the word time, because it is so important not to waste it. Wasting it is truly in the negative. We should always give in to being positive in every moment in which we live, react, express, view and stand. Everyone is and has the ability to be positive and have goodness in their life; it is only the act of non-execution of those values that may sometime derail us. Check this out: “hey Brenda, I think you’re wrong and won’t ever amount to anything” or “hey Brenda, I think you should think twice about your choices, because you have the ability and the chance to be positive and succeed in everything you do. To give is the pathway to receiving, so let’s spring forward with our time in a positive and giving way.

Springtime brings a BRAND NEW DAY,