Songwriting and Pre-Production

Songwriting and Pre-Production

In today’s forum of writing songs and getting them ready for the studio, it is important to take advantage of working out your project at home so you can save time and money. Here are a couple of thoughts to help you with this. After recording your composed music, remember to take your time and clean each track. Enlarge the track to make it more visible, then highlight the portions of the track you’re having noise on, use your gain to resolve the volume. Afterwards simply resize the track to its original size, and then consolidate. This should take care of any unwanted sounds.Also make sure your structure is arranged exactly the way you desire.

After laying an arrangement of your vocals, take the time to refine. I think one of the most important ideas I can give you is this: listen to your tracks and formulate your production ideas, because it will save a lot of time and money. Plus it’s very professional to do so. Good luck and always give it your best.


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