Smile is Just a Smile

Some men really don’t know, that sometimes a smile is just a smile and nothing more. I got this breaking news after sitting down and talking, to a group of lovely, soulful, beautiful and smart young ladies. They were telling me that the most of the time when you see a female smiling at a man, it can be for many reasons, but mostly just a nice gesture of friendliness. But you know men, many of us tend to think that the lady is giving us play and wants us to respond, because he feels she’s smitten with him and she wants him to react. For the most part their usual reply is, I don’t think so.

But men I got your back, so don’t react, but still allow it to let it make you feel that you are the smoothest thing since butter. Sure you deserve that, just as long as you keep it to yourself, because if they really want to give you play, they will make their way to you, believe me. Fellows keep on dreaming, because to me it feels so good.

Being real,