Relationship Commitment

I’ve often seen and sometimes believed during my early learning years in life, that commitment in a relationship was based on two people or more giving a little of themselves to the other to show that they’re ready to do what it takes.

This takes the shape of learning to change to suffice the needs of the other, therefore giving the relationship a chance to grow and the understanding of one another to come together. But as time went on in my life and my mind became my friend, I could see that this premise was not the answer.

In order to find the purity of and in a relationship, the commitment has to be valued in the way you can allow a person to be their self, as well as you be yourself around and with them. Therefore the commitment lie’s in the act of acceptance, you being you and the others being their selves. Without that, you can’t create a lasting and giving commitment.

Case in point, I saw a video about President Obama at the polls voting and while he was voting, he was standing next to a young lady minding his own business. The young lady’s guy friend walked in front of them and told the President to  not talk to his girlfriend. See that was a display of insecurity and that evolves from forceful conditions imposed by one on to the other.

You have to let people be themselves, and then you can determine your viewpoint on acceptance or commitment and whether you do or don’t like what you see and can live with. If you care about someone, then do the right thing for him or her and you, let him or her be his or herself. Now that’s a commitment to a relationship.