Never Standing Alone

I’m sure you’ve read the poem Foot Prints. Where a person thought they were alone because they only saw one set of footprints in the sand. This brings to mind the concept in life where the many are one. One of our greatest attributes is unity. A concept many times over looked, but also a blessing in disguise. From unity, the core value from which we evolve stands that of family.

I can remember when I was a young boy trying to understand the things before me day to day. I would see my mother, her sister and my grandmother always getting together and talking about things and making decisions. At that time I thought it was simple; they were enjoying each other’s company. Which was true, but it was much more. They were continuing a commitment they had established long ago to always work together as one, which truly created a much stronger existence for them than a singular concept.

From this I learned, that the creation of the whole being as one is the strongest possibility to exist within the challenges in life. When we truly think about it, from this we can find the best in others and ourselves. This is also where we find our strengths that allow us to live our lives during challenge and normality. When you are living and making the right choices, you’re never alone, because: together we stand and divided we fall. 

Standing with you,