Mothers are indescribable

Because their love and worth cannot be valued

By anything you say or do for them.

The love of a mother is not measured

By if they gave birth to their baby

But it is created by the truth in love. 

This for the sons and daughters who still have their mothers with them.

Every moment you see

And every moment that you breathe

Love and Respect your mother

And this is for the sons and daughters who no longer have their mothers alive.

Like a gentle wind

When I look in your eyes

Even though I was just born

I can tell I don’t have to worry

I don’t have to be afraid of having or not having what I need

Because you are this wonderful gift

Given by God

To love me, protect me, and understand what I don’t or just can’t

As I grew I began to understand

What a blessing truly is

It is to create love and love, as you love yourself

Now as a man, I still don’t completely understand

How great you are and how blessed I am

But I have learned that just like you

I love you so much I would be honored to give my life for you.

As I speak, I know my words don’t truly understand my feelings

But I hope in my honoring of you


That through my eyes you could see my heart

Mothers, the greatest truth ever made,