It’s made-up by many wonders, such as the simple abilities to be able to see, hear and breathe. But truly they are not simple at all, because they are apart of the beauty of the workings of the day-to-day working body of all that live. Often we take for granted the glory that has been bestowed upon us. But while we are on our journey through life we hopefully learn how to appreciate it. For this is one of the more important tasks we come upon on our journey through life.

But one of the biggest problems we experience is the knowledge of viewing life in its most simplistic manner. Sure things can be hard, but they are only as hard as you allow them to be, because in your life you have been given the power of control, the ability to create beauty and the flow of happy or sad. So take the control that is given and apply it to your everyday living, because it is part of the destiny within your life. Its called living life, your life, so don’t just let be, be it.

Loving life at every turn,