In Your Skin

In your skin, you can usually find the safety away from challenging problems, by closing the door. Which gets you away from everything you don’t desire. This can be an advantage or disadvantage you have by being closed off in your own world without associating with others and without the knowledge of what they’re going through, which in someway affects you in your day to day living. But if you try once to step, crawl or leap into someone else’s skin, then there you can truly find the meaning of being in your own skin.

Even though we are individuals, we are still linked within life’s universal energy force. Many ask for you to look through their eyes or walk in their shoes, but by being in their skin you’ll find it’s the only way you can touch, feel and breathe within their soul and know the true essence of their being. Being in your skin isn’t suppose to shut the door to others, but it should give you a way to know yourself and also give you a chance to communicate and get to know others.

Be and stay in control through understanding,