Going Forward

From the day we are born
Life gives us a task
That challenges us every moment in our lives.
It is important how we react to situations that confront us.
I look back and see so many of my memories
Where I had to make decisions.
Sometimes they were easy and sometimes they were hard.
Like, as a child
If I would listen to the direction I was given
About right and wrong.
Or if I would leave the area where I grew up
To attend college.
Or how to correctly treat people.
And make the right choices in business.
These are only a few of the magnificent
Amount of things we all are faced with
During our life span.
But I’ve learned
That there is a concept that link them all
In a way of successfully dealing.
And that is
No matter what you encounter
Don’t get hung up in the situation.
Always Look and Go Forward.
Paying forward to go forward,