Friendship can be a lot of different things, depending on the way a person thinks and value situations. Some feel it’s when someone does something for you or hangs out with you all the time. Myself, I feel friendship is something you earn and give value to.  It lasts forever, whether you are in communication with that person or persons or not.

It’s a commitment that stands the test of time. A free flowing expression without expectations or boundaries, now I don’t mean a friend will be behind you if you do something wrong. But what I am saying is, a friend will be brave and strong enough to step back and let you know you’re headed down the wrong road. A friend will support you from their heart, meaning that this is something that they truly want to do and not feel obligated to do so.

So be a friend and definitely appreciate people who try hard to be one. Also take the time to let a friend know you appreciate them, whether you know it or not, it will give value to you as well.

Hey Keith Evans, you’re definitely my friend,