One of the definitions of the word expression is: a word or group of words that communicate an idea.We often express ourselves without a moment of thought; it could be in rage or by excitement. Such as when you are mad, happy or confused and you talk to someone and say the things you are feeling, without formulating a sense of reason that would allow him or her to understand.

For instance: John I am tired of you doing that same old thing you do when I ask you not to. Does she really know what it is she is doing? It is so important to think and work out our thoughts, because we are doing it to speak our point to another person or persons.

The value given in this thought is that what you say is understood in the exact way you are giving it. What I mean is, you can say the most important expression since the beginning of time, but if whom you are saying it to doesn’t understand what you truly mean, then you really haven’t said anything. So take the time to do your best, to express your thoughts and not just your feelings.

I’m just saying,