Enjoying Summertime

Every year each of the four seasons brings its own expression and feelings, and we tend to react accordingly. In the fall we see it as an ending, yet it’s a beginning of everything once again becoming new. In the winter we experience the most change, and we react once again accordingly. In the spring we see and feel the beauty that the other seasons created. This is the magnificent rebirth of everything wonderful and new.But summer is where we actually go out, experience and enjoy the wonderment of it all. It’s just something about summer that energizes the body and soul. One of the many things that we as human beings bring to the table that exists during the summertime is the festival. We come together and experience the joy of creativity and expression.

I had the pleasure of attending with my daughter on Fathers Day, the Berkeley, Ca. Juneteenth Festival and it was really nice. I had a chance to see and visit with a lot of the great musicians I grew up admiring and learned from. Click here for more of the pictures my daughter took of the festival. So you also, keep enjoying your summer and let the love it brings, stay in your heart.

“Summertime and the living is easy”,