Don’t Falsely Search for the Substitute

It is many times assumed that what your mind and heart desires, is also the thing you feel you must possess or control. But truly is it, because sometimes it can only be a desire and not the reality of what you truly need and want. Like a young person wanting an expensive pair of tennis shoes, that he or she mostly bases their need in having it, on desire and not neccessarily by what they really need. Even though he or she, may feel they can make themselves more than whom they are, or allow themselves to look greater than if they didn’t have them.

The fact is, if what you need to make you better comes from material things, then what you truly need, is a way to grow your inner self. Like in composing your music, or doing your best in school, or practicing a sport you love, or simply getting to know someone. So the point I’m getting at is, there is nothing greater or better than what lies already inside of you, so don’t falsely search for the substitute, turn to your inner self and receive it from the real.


Staying in touch with the real,