Do You Remember?

Do you remember when life was as simple as waking up and everything you needed was right in front of you? Or when you didn’t have to worry about how you looked, spoke or how you dressed. Those where special times, wait a minute, I must still be asleep and dreaming.

But now that I am awake, let me see. No it’s not the same as when I was dreaming, because now I can truly see what’s up. We are being stopped by the police, because of the color of our skin or being harassed by just walking down the street and being judged by what type of clothes we’re wearing.

Oh yes, now I really do remember, that the Black and Brown kids are being killed and they’re implying that it’s by mistake, like they use to tell us, or is it that they just don’t give a damn like they are now showing us? Believe me I’m definitely not hating, just remembering and viewing. DO YOU REMEMBER OR WILL YOU NOT FORGET?


Just remembering how it really is,