Do You Have Everything You Need?

If someone asked you the question, do you have everything you need, your first thought would probably be no. The reason for this is most people are on a continual search for more of whatever they need. Some would say it’s important to be of outer content, but really if you search your soul you would find there is an ever-lasting desire to consume more for growth.

By design I feel that any mind that is thinking has a trigger that gives them the drive to look for advancement in their day-to-day progression. The only situation that challenges this particular perception is, the direction and content of what you choose to allow for your mind and soul to receive.

For instance; you’re given a choice of getting a job where you would supervise people and give you what some say is power or you’re given a choice to receive a job that would allow you to work alongside others doing what you like doing most. The choice being, is what is it that determines power for you? True power is not what’s determined outwardly, because this is only a presumption that is individually assuming for your life’s prosperity. It is the thing that drives your inner being that gives you the power and not the situation that stands on the outside looking in.

So when you ask yourself, if you have everything you need, make sure within your answer there is a great factor of what it is that truly drives what you desire most and who you see yourself to be.

Still getting what I need,