I see with my eyes but the news tell me different.  Is it an illusion or is the truth staring me in the face without me knowing? I only perceive this, because my thoughts and feelings lead me to what I want and that is what’s real. But I stop and ask myself, should I or shouldn’t I dare to see past what is put in front me or should I claim my reality that bonds in harmony with my heart and soul?

Don’t once again ask me the question, do I believe, because in the presence of physical reality the truth doesn’t exist. It is only a distortion of what is true and what I believe in. Come please share with me this journey to your reality, because from where we stand if we look with our eyes wide open, we will only see and not feel what is present and that is the distortion. But don’t forget that the reality of your truth lives inside you and don’t ever stray from it or forget it, because with that you’ll be in truth and peace forever.

But as I turn the page that brings us to what we celebrate, I say I’m thankful everyday, not just during a time when we are corralled to express that feeling, but in a way where we must allow it to be in our everyday and in every moment in which we visualize the presence of that feeling. So I’ll give way and say Happy Thanksgiving to all with love.
With that I’ll just say, I love you as you love yourself,