Being in control or attempting to control a situation or someone, is a task that varies in each its own way. Belief in yourself or the things around you is a type of control that is vital for your individual self-everyday, but when you are trying to control someone else, it’s a choice I would advise you not to try. Even when people speak about controlling their children, I feel that’s a non-starter, because it is for you to teach your kids and show them guidance with a little love and understanding, giving them a chance to grow into themselves.
If they don’t understand or they are acting in a way that’s not desirable to you, you can help show the way by giving a hand in developing a foundation for them and your advancement and not your frustration. Control: control yourself so you can lend a hand to the next person to be in control.
Attempting to control myself everyday, because every Brand New
Day brings another challenge,