Communication: Music and Motorcycles

Communication: Music and Motorcycles

I ask you the question, what is probably the world’s greatest tool that brings the individual into  the broad perspective of the whole when we  attempt to communicate? I’m sure there would be different answers from different individuals. But to me, there is only one tool you can use for broad and general communication; and that is music. It’s the one tool that transcends the great individual divide and creates in our lives, love, beauty and togetherness.  I say this, because music is the one thing where you may not understand the technique, but still enjoy and feel the emotion and see the beauty within you and others.

I can remember a long time ago when my band played at an annual dance for a motorcycle bike club and things began to get out of hand while we were on break. So, I said to the fellows “let’s go back on stage now and start our next set.” As soon as the music started, the potential problems stopped. Think about the times you were sitting or laying down alone at home or even with someone and a certain song or type of music begin to play on the radio or television, or even when someone was passing by and you heard the sound of music or simply a melody. I’m sure that had a positive affect on you, changing your feelings in a positive way, from where they were. Or remember the feelings you had when you where at a large outdoor or indoor concert and you felt that oneness that prevails in such an environment, just close your eyes and remember. Now tell me when was the other time you experienced something like that feeling?

The point I want to make is; music has such a communicating source, that it creates positive thoughts to the individual or to the masses. It doesn’t really make a difference if you hear it in a language you don’t understand, you still develop an understanding for the message, and the message is love, passion, goodness, beauty and truth. Now that’s COMMUNICATION, do you hear me?