I was coming home from dinner with the family last week and the rear right tire blew out on my car. And the week before that I had just paid over  fourteen hundred dollars for a new transmission on my commute car, only to have it die on me three days later. And before that my daughter walked out of the house to get the mail and upon returning found out she had locked herself out of the house. I had to stop what I was doing and drive forty-five miles to open the door. And before that my wife… I think you get the idea.

We open our eyes everyday that we exist, to the challenges that must be endured to suffice a life we desire. Never knowing what each day may bring, but still in yet holding tightly to a belief that enables us to stay on the path to our glory. Through these times we are faced with challenges that force us into ups and downs and most of all, driving us to face and deal with what stands in front of us. This everyday occurrence is called life and it’s there to be lived. So never let life live you, always live-life, because it only has the power you give it. So my challenge to you is, believe in yourself or just don’t give a damn.

Dealing with the challenges,