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There is a power in this world,
that generates a positive life force.
And you own the patent.
As fast as change comes and you don’t care for it,
but you are always steadfast and ready.
I know it’s in your DNA,
but what good does anything of value do for you
if you don’t know what to do with it?
And you have Mastered that.
If I challenge you, I know that you already have won,
because YOU were born with the truth at your side and the ability to see what is always in front of you.
So I say, don’t fret about anything,
because your truth is written and I know this,
because I read it in your eyes everyday.
Written for the one I love, like I breathe, for 12/23/2021


The Truth

You have a heart that shines light on the truth. Reflecting its beauty on all who stand to view, with their eyes open. With just a hint or thought of joy, you lend your knowledge to the path, which is righteous. Continue to believe in the truth, and others will believe in you, because it is his work you do. For the truth always prevail, because Love Is The Answer.

Your Friend Indeed,


Martin Luther King Jr.

I write this letter to you to thank you for your everlasting spirit, a spirit that gives love in the life of most. It is a spirit when transcribed teaches and lifts the beliefs of others. I want to thank you for your everlasting dedication,which continues to prove and lead us on the righteous path, even now. It is said that the truth prevails and in your examples you prove that it is true.
So thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
His spirit and examples of truth lives on,
January 15, 1929-April 4, 1968



Nothing is impossible if you believe and try and give your best

Like the first time something stood in front of you and you felt you couldn’t

But do you remember how it felt when you over came the situation?

But impossible can also be when you love someone so much

It’s impossible not to love them.

So I say: I love you, it’s impossible not to.

Impossible only if you believe it to be or not to be, that is the question.

Just go ahead,



The Silence in the Night

Silent is the night
As I transpose my dreams into my reality
Pushing back on the things
That lies heavy on my soul
I welcome the positive flow of energy unguided.
Receiving it as food to feed my touchable goals.
The night
But over flowing with a voice of positive knowledge
If you listen
You’ll hear and see unchained visions of growing things.
The things that you sacrifice for
In your everyday living
But don’t be fooled
Because all that glitters
Does not shine
All that’s to be had
Is not all good
But the night
Is yours
To find yourself

Yes the silence in the night is golden,


A question that is frequently asked,

Is do you trust me?

Trust is something that is earned in order to be deserved.

Many a time people trust one another, because of an emotional feeling

But trust shouldn’t be based on emotions

It should be created over time and by the actions of another.

But in truth, it is one of the most fulfilling bonds that could grace your life

Because with trust, you don’t have to worry or have doubt.

So maybe you should work hard to truly establish it in your life, business or personal relations.


Trust me, you won’t regret it,



If I had a chance to make a difference

I would ask you

In the deepest part of your heart, what do you need most?

If I had the chance to bring joy to all

I would patent it

And make it a lifetime supply for everyone

If I’d take a chance

I would make sure

It would be in line to hurt no one or nothing

If I chance my belief

I would

Oh, hold it

Me believing, is never a chance

So tell me

What chance would you take?


Chances, I wish everyone have one,


Reaching Out

As we live our lives

There is a time, on many occasions

Where we need to communicate to someone

Our deepest thoughts and feelings.

It is a situation where we can find ourselves on either side

You could be the one who needs to express

Or you could be the one who is needed to listen

Either way it goes, it is consider to be reaching out.

In each case we are opening our hearts and mind

To be helpful to ourselves or someone else.

So when the time comes to reach out for help

Or to reach out and help

Have an open mind and heart

You see, because I’m reaching out to you right now.


With love,



My Best

Some feel their best

Is a combination of what they feel is all they can do

At the best of their ability

Also they base it upon what another thinks, of how they have done

Sure it is important to be able to communicate with others

And take what they feel with great interest

But one should feel that their best

Is only the greatest attempt of their giving

Long as you can truly feel inside

That you have done the most and all you can do

At that point

You can be rightfully assured

You’ve done your best


Believing what I feel is true,







Giving My Thanks

Yes, I’m thankful every day for the many positive happenings in my life

But I want to take this moment to thank from the bottom of my heart

The special individuals who believe and helped me along my journey of life’s achievements.

It has been said that no one is an Island, but it is also true

That to help an individual to rise to a moment of completeness,

Is to lift yourself along with them.

So with all the love I’ve shared, I’m thankful for the love I receive.

My journey has been one of true awareness.

Opening my eyes to see all possibilities are achievable

And complete a milestone earlier set.

So once again

I say thank you Lord.


With all the thanks,