Being Rich

Many of us look at being rich is having a lot of money; property or just things you believe make you rich. Myself, I look at it as having well-rounded relationships with people, where love is the foundation. I feel I can say this from a point of view in which I’ve had money all my adult life and I know the importance of having a good relationship with family and friends.

Money can’t say the words you need when you’re down and money can’t give you the touch of assurance. We all know it’s hard when you have to find your way back from a troubling situation and only human kindness and the intensity of the soul can pave the way. When you need the things that allow you to wake up and solve all your challenges you’re faced with day-to-day, let money look you in the eye and tell you; everything will be all right.

Remember you make money, money doesn’t make you and if it does then you’re going to be in trouble at one point or another. Sure I tell you, having money is a well-needed and great thing, but I’ve learned that you can have all the money you need and still not find the happiness and contentment that one searches for. What I’m simply saying is being rich is, something truly that we all have the ability to achieve and the source of it, you’re born with. But still go get your money-you dig?

Being rich, by being me with love in my heart,