We Are The 99%

Within our lives we are challenged by the changes of our time.  When you have things that shape your life, and it begins to press against you and forces you off balance, it’s important to push back to gain your positive perspective. The Occupy Wall Street movement has become one of the largest social events since the civil rights movement. I feel for the people who have lost their homes, have lost their jobs, and for those who are unable to get a job. Politicians in congress have tried to call you lazy, and blame the great recession on hardworking middle class Americans. But instead of wallowing in despair and accepting the fate that the 1% think they have the right to force you into, people have taken to the streets to demand change.

It inspired me, and encourages me to support this cause, because it is a cause that involves all of us. The video and song “Stand Up America is dedicated to the 99% Occupy Wall Street protesters who are standing up for my right and everyone else’s rights to the American Dream. It also encourages me to say to my readers “stand up America and recognize what’s truly happening”. We have to stand together and love one another and stand up and fight for our personal and duly given liberties.

Support this movement by sharing this video with everyone you know and downloading the free song.

A Good Day

Today was a good day, one of my business partners (Erica) and I started on the journey of the physical promotional campaign. Working with her today refreshed my minds eye of the positive reflection of getting important things done, when faced with the barrier that lies in front of you.  We were able to make quite a few connections with radio stations that will be playing my new CD (SEARCHING FOR LOVE).  We will be going to many of the radio stations to do interviews. This is a process that comes after the long creative work that involved an immense amount of work in song writing, performance, music production, video idea creation and production, research, artwork and an enormous amount of technical creativeness. Yes today was a good day, because after all of that, we can now began to give and hopefully receive the positive response we hope for.

Pop music gets sadder and sadder- But happy is on the return!

I was reading this article on the Washington Post yesterday, you can read it here.

I agree with Sarah Kliff in some aspects. It is a fact that pop music is getting sadder and that is because of a few reasons. 

  • As artists we pull inspiration from our environment. The thinking and actions of society has portrayed a very rough and saddening experience over the last two decades.

This is something that influences the composer and writer, because they attempt to relate to their hyper-energized listener.

  • During the times of major mode compositions, society is more laid back and less aggressive. But, during the minor mode compositions, you find times being more in the abstract, intense and aggressive.

It begs the question does sad sell? Sure! If you look at Adele, you can see she’s made her career on sad melancholy songs such as “Someone Like You” and songs about betrayal such as “Fire to the Rain” and “Rolling in the Deep”.

But I also disagree with this article. I think happy or bubble gum pop music is making a return. A few artists I can think of who have entered the scene in last few years include:

Katy Perry with hits like “California Gurls, “Firework”, “T.G.I.F

Train “Hey Soul, Sister”, “Mary Me

Black Eye Peas- they have dozens of songs.

When I think about it, it makes me look at my own writing, I realize that Unveiled, Deryo’s Confessions, and Searching For Love CDs, have a sad song or two squeezed in, but for the most part they’re positive songs. I think even though looking at our music over the last 50 years shows a trend that says, yeah we like sad, depressing stuff, we can also look at the last ten years, and we can also say that we are transitioning out of the depression into positive music.

What do you think? Can you add to the list any other pop artists with positive music?


Welcome everyone,

To my new site Deryo.com. I’ve added a lot of great things for you to enjoy. Each month there’ll be new content added to the site, starting with this blog, in which I will talk about music, and more specifically how genres have evolved over the last few years. I’ll be leaving my thoughts and it would be great to hear yours, so leave a comment from time to time and let’s have a discussion!

Photos: I’ve got a lot of great photos from past shows. It’s possible you might be in one of them so click over and check it out.

I’ve also added a podcast section on the front page, where I have interviews about Deryo’s Confessions (my last album). I also have a podcast of my performance at HS Lordships in Berkeley. If you weren’t there this is your chance to see what you were missing. If you were there what did you think? I remember having a blast.

Podcasts aren’t the only place where you catch a live performance. I also have videos of live performances and I will be adding more, so keep dropping by so you can stay up to date.

Another great addition to the site is my discography page. Not only have I been a singer, song writer and musician, I have also worked as a producer, working with other bands and groups. A visit to the discography page will show you what I’m talking about. I have a few songs on there so you can listen to the work yours truly has done with others.

Last but not least, if you do nothing else, listen to the music. On the front page I’ve got all of the self produced, composed, written and performed albums I’ve done including a preview of my new album Searching For Love. All of the songs are available on the store page. When you find the song you like click on the buy link which will take you to the store page where you can purchase a single link or buy the entire album. Don’t forget Searching For Love is being sold exclusively on deryo.com, so if you want a copy go ahead and preorder it.

Explore and have fun! When you’re done come back and leave a comment.



Naming Songs

It’s funny how the first title of a song isn’t always the same as the first one you choose. Many of my songs are created with the music coming first, then the lyrics following. Like you lay the music track, then you create a melody, then you come up with a concept title for the lyrics and then you write the lyrics from there. I’ve also done  it other ways, such as the lyric first or the melody first, then music. But lately it’s been lyrics last. With this I’ve found myself coming up with titles that my lyrical co-writer only laughs at and says; “We have to change this to a more meaningful or relevant subject manner”. You know what, each time she was right? Sometimes its funny and sometimes it kind of stings for me, but the point is to get to where you need and want to go.





Beginning to Play The Drums

Learning how to play the drums is the easiest instrument when it comes to learning one. I say this because; I’ve taught myself how to play three instruments in my life.  The instruments are the trumpet, which was my first, the drums, which I am most fluent, and the piano in which I use mostly to compose with as well as perform with.  The reason it’s easy is because it’s the only instrument you don’t have to create a direct concept of strict expression on, in the beginning. This is because, the first thing you do when you sit down behind a set of drums is to express at random, your feelings.  But as you progress into truly playing with skill, it becomes more difficult.

It takes a serious dedication to learn to play any instrument, and it’s easier to gain a sense of confidence on the drums on your first try, because the sounds and natural personal rhythms you have can come across to your delight. But it also gives you a temporary false sense of reality.

Here are a couple of tips to help you on your journey.  It’s important to hold the sticks with a sense of relaxation, for that matter try to not be tense at any part of your body while playing. Drums are unlike any string, woodwind or brass instrument, where you don’t have to be able to deploy a somewhat defined technique.  But, right now I want to make it clear that once you get pass the point where you physiologically stop treating the drums as a toy and start appreciating them as a serious work toward an accomplishment, and you want to truly learn the instrument, you can then get a taste of what it truly calls for. Once you’ve passed the beginner stage you can learn to play with technique.

Now this is very important while setting your drums up, you must position them in a manner that is in position for your range. Adjust your seat at a level that allows a comfortable setting so you can reach any part of the set with ease. Your first challenge in becoming a drummer is learning to have patience. You may think you should be doing better than what you’re doing, but just like any other instrument you have stages you go through and brick walls you run into. If you stay true to yourself and the art of commitment you can succeed.  I’ll say once again, in the beginning you have high interest and you spend some time on the exploring.  The real playing begins when your muscles in your hands, feet, or legs are starting to cramp and you’ve just busted your knuckles on the snare, oh yea you’re developing calluses on your fingers.  Don’t fret; you’re starting to become somewhat a drummer.

Now that you’re serious about drumming, remember to take care of your tools.

It’s all right to let others play your drums, but don’t let anyone rearrange them after you have set them up for your style of playing.  There is a lot more we could talk about, who knows you may talk with me again.

That’s all for now.