In the Middle

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Sometimes we find ourselves
In the middle of things.
Whether it’s the middle of a project
Or a personal situation
Or even the middle of a complicated decision.
What does all of these things have in common?
It is the possibility of going left or right.
What I mean is
When you’re in the middle
You’re always faced with a choice.
Whether or not you should continue
Return to the beginning to start all over
Continue forward because you are confident in your first choice.
Whatever you decide
It’s important to make it your own fruition.
Because it will always be you
Who has to deal with the bottom line.
So I suggest
In the beginning
You plan it
Think it through
And believe in your idea.
And when doubt challenges you
You will then know and believe
That you can and should
Go forward

Ain’t nothing to it, but to do it,

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