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Words of Deryo

The price you pay for being a good person can sometimes be very challenging, but the benefits most times out weigh the negative by a long shot. Even the most simplest expression, like getting ready to enter a building at the same time as someone else. You choose to allow them to enter first, but to no avail on their part, because they didn’t even recognize your polite inclination at all, don’t give a simple thank you.

Or you may be driving down the street and you have the right of way, but you choose to allow the other driver to turn first, as an act of kindness. I’m not going to explore the humongous situation that we all encounter, but for me, it’s not just the fact that they didn’t say thank you, or a simply wave with the hand. There's a price we both pay, because I don’t think they got it. It is simply love, respect and kindness. So if you find yourself in this particular situation, show some love and then pay it forward, because that’s the price we should be paying.

Paying the good price and then paying it forward,


No matter the challenges we are presented with in our lives, whether it’s problems with our jobs, communicating with others or making situations correct in our love life. If you show understanding, trust and belief, you'll have the desire to overcome, because it is a proven fact that if you do your best to work it out, you can achieve the outcome you desire.

So work it, work it out.

Work It

Working it out everyday,


The joy of living exists within the realm of our inner being. It is also a fact that most things important come from the inside, to the outside. All of your expressions, your energies, your thoughts and most of all your love come from the inside out.

The true happiness you achieve in life is not based on what happens around you, but what you understand and create inside your inner being. Can you remember the way your parents would sit you down and explain certain things to you that you did not yet understand? That was the beginning structure of creating your inner being.

We are all individuals and the development of our inner being is what creates and shows us who we truly are as a person, in and about our life. And with that individuality we must develop the concept of relative relating with others, because if not we would never know who we are as well as others understanding that we are. So the joy of living comes from within, but it is important for your inner being to be understood by others on the outside, in order for us to be who we are.

Enjoying living,


In our journey to create a plausible creatively expressive you, and as you give of your thoughts and feelings it’s important for them to be taken with acceptance, each positive step of the way. It's a fact. If one person can understand your point of view; it’s possible for everyone to. So with this, keep an open mind as you look at others, with hope that they view you in the same manner you see them. So please, believe in the one.

If one can, everyone can,


Question, is love in or out of your life?

Waiting I’m sure everyone has been through a situation where they waited for someone.Whether it's waiting for a phone call, a dinner date or for love, I can’t Wait.


Sorry, I can’t wait,


You know how some people tell you, that you should be able to laugh at yourself even when it makes you mad. Well my thoughts on that are when words that someone says really hurts, it’s a simple fact, that they hurt. I feel if someone wants to joke with you, then they should take heed to what your true sore points are. Because the fact of the matter is, there is always a way to adjust the things you say and be able to make the same point. It’s true one shouldn’t take every single thing serious enough for it to hurt them, but you should also watch the line of intrusion, to make sure it isn’t crossed.

Being serious, but not too much,


One of the definitions of the word expression is: a word or group of words that communicate an idea.We often express ourselves without a moment of thought; it could be in rage or by excitement. Such as when you are mad, happy or confused and you talk to someone and say the things you are feeling, without formulating a sense of reason that would allow him or her to understand.

For instance: John I am tired of you doing that same old thing you do when I ask you not to. Does she really know what it is she is doing? It is so important to think and work out our thoughts, because we are doing it to speak our point to another person or persons.

The value given in this thought is that what you say is understood in the exact way you are giving it. What I mean is, you can say the most important expression since the beginning of time, but if whom you are saying it to doesn’t understand what you truly mean, then you really haven’t said anything. So take the time to do your best, to express your thoughts and not just your feelings.

I’m just saying,


The word itself creates the thought of making something different from the way it originally was. You could be going through changes, which could be a problem, but also changes could be something good that makes your situation better. Don’t ever fight change whether it’s viewed as good or bad, because it’s a part of every moment in your life. As you live, things automatically change, so embrace it and create with the flow. The beauty in life is the changes in your life. These words may not bring about a change for you, but truly just in the act of reading and reacting, it did.

Embrace your change. 

Always changing,


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