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Words of Deryo

To be loved and to love in return, this is a cycle we go through in our lives that is always persistent with our desires. The keyword within that statement is persistence. You must have that continuous drive to overcome the many actions, mechanisms and challenges that stand in your way sometimes.

Love is in the eye of the beholder, because no matter what the other person does or says, if your love is love, then it’s forever. It’s not based on the action of another, but created and developed by the essence of you, yourself. This is  something we sometimes forget. So embrace the love within you, but don't confuse it to be taken advantage of. The love you have is a blessing,which is the beauty in us all.

Loving the beauty in me,


Everyone has that special thing or special person in which they consider to be number one in their lives. Some feel, the way one comes to that conclusion would be either by the deeds that a person does or by the importance that person holds on a scale of 1-10. I’m sure there are many ways to see this, feel this, or judge the value and meaning of someone in your life. I’m also sure there are countless ways to conclude. For me, there is only one way and that is through feelings that lie in my heart. I say this because feelings evolve from your first experience as a child, mostly through interacting with your mother. So for all of those who receive love, guess what? You’re #1.


From my heart,



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Can you think back on a day in which you experienced a very special event? It could be the day you got married. Or when you had your child or the day you graduated from high school or college. It could even be a wonderful vacation you went on or when you went to the casino and won a lot of money. For me it’s each time I get that special feeling in my heart and soul, called love. But the greatest thing about experiencing that day, it’s something you can, will and should keep with you through time. So I give you my day: That Day.

 Making it every day,



If you fall just get up by any means necessary.


Every year each of the four seasons brings its own expression and feelings, and we tend to react accordingly. In the fall we see it as an ending, yet it’s a beginning of everything once again becoming new. In the winter we experience the most change, and we react once again accordingly. In the spring we see and feel the beauty that the other seasons created. This is the magnificent rebirth of everything wonderful and new.But summer is where we actually go out, experience and enjoy the wonderment of it all. It’s just something about summer that energizes the body and soul. One of the many things that we as human beings bring to the table that exists during the summertime is the festival. We come together and experience the joy of creativity and expression.

I had the pleasure of attending with my daughter on Fathers Day, the Berkeley, Ca. Juneteenth Festival and it was really nice. I had a chance to see and visit with a lot of the great musicians I grew up admiring and learned from. Click here for more of the pictures my daughter took of the festival. So you also, keep enjoying your summer and let the love it brings, stay in your heart.

“Summertime and the living is easy”,


When you look at life and the process you create living it, you find that there are different shades you are confronted with and many levels you must understand.  A lot of people put great credence on the beginning and the end. But truly life should only be based on the part you live day to day.  It can start from the simplest action of being nice to the next person or being positive in your actions to the many.

Or to a great design in developing your life’s standards, that create the motion of your positive direction. These things are the fundamental structures of your life force and journey. I can remember when I first discovered this truth, I was standing with myself trying to understand my worth and direction. And I tell you now, the one thing that should be most consistent in your journey is: belief in yourself.

Believing in you, me and life,


Based on the philosophy of living through seconds, minutes, hours and days, we sometimes tend to over look the importance of each moment that we live in. Like remembering to say hi, I love you or making plans for the next day or future. Every time we let a moment go by without viewing, feeling, seeing and living it, we take away from the importance of the life we live.

Is there ever a time when we have the opportunity to do nothing? For instance I was relaxing on the deck in the back of my house taking some sun in and listening to some music while watching the birds flying and landing in the trees. I was seemingly doing nothing. But within each moment that we live, stands an event that contributes to creating how we think, react and live our lives. This moment allowed me to relax my body and mind in order to project attentively in to my very near future. The point being, always be aware of the moment and all the choices it has to bring.

I’m sure you’ve read the poem Foot Prints. Where a person thought they were alone because they only saw one set of footprints in the sand. This brings to mind the concept in life where the many are one. One of our greatest attributes is unity. A concept many times over looked, but also a blessing in disguise. From unity, the core value from which we evolve stands that of family.

I can remember when I was a young boy trying to understand the things before me day to day. I would see my mother, her sister and my grandmother always getting together and talking about things and making decisions. At that time I thought it was simple; they were enjoying each other’s company. Which was true, but it was much more. They were continuing a commitment they had established long ago to always work together as one, which truly created a much stronger existence for them than a singular concept.

From this I learned, that the creation of the whole being as one is the strongest possibility to exist within the challenges in life. When we truly think about it, from this we can find the best in others and ourselves. This is also where we find our strengths that allow us to live our lives during challenge and normality. When you are living and making the right choices, you’re never alone, because: together we stand and divided we fall. 

Standing with you,


The Truth

Is it something that someone told you, or is it something you can only see for yourself? Well, definitely the things you see and experience for yourself can be and is your truth. But what about what someone tells you? Do you accept on faith, they don’t lie to you or do you only believe what you have learnt, from someone close to you?

I know this can be a great dilemma. There are situations that you can truly count on, such as your parents or yourself. But then again what really is the truth? For me the truth is when you can trust in what you see or hear and those things are of positive value in your life.  Whether it hurts or makes you happy, because truly it all comes down to what you perceive or believe. 


Just being truthful,


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