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    The price you pay for being a good person can sometimes be very challenging, but the benefits most times out weigh the negative by a long shot. Even the most simplest expression, like getting ready to enter a building at the same time as someone else. You choose to allow them to enter first, but to no avail on their part, because they didn’t even recognize your polite inclination at all, don’t give a simple thank you.

    Or you may be driving down the street and you have the right of way, but you choose to allow the other driver to turn first, as an act of kindness. I’m not going to explore the humongous situation that we all encounter, but for me, it’s not just the fact that they didn’t say thank you, or a simply wave with the hand. There's a price we both pay, because I don’t think they got it. It is simply love, respect and kindness. So if you find yourself in this particular situation, show some love and then pay it forward, because that’s the price we should be paying.

    Paying the good price and then paying it forward,


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  • Brand New Day
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    Deryo is a Pop artist who has released his fourth self released album “Brand New Day” (2014). This album was released by Will Records, a label started by Deryo in 2004. The depth of Deryo’s subjects within the CD evolves from his musical beginnings, where he wrote and recorded with other artists. These artists include: Carl Carlton, Two Tuns of Fun, Herbie Hancock, Rick James, Bennie Maupin and many more. The album however, is a departure from his past and is a new take on R&B, Pop, funk and dance music. On the album Deryo is playing all of the instruments such as keyboards, drums and performing vocally. I hope you get a chance to listen to it, I am sure you will be pleased and find it different from anything you’ve ever heard before.

    Written on Saturday, 15 March 2014 00:00 in News 1 comment
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